M iscarriage
            I nfant Death
           S tillbirth

Website by Jeff Carr

Remembering Our Babies:


In Remembrance, MIS honors the babies of our kind donors:

Ross Jeffrey Carr

Daniel, Eve & David Gavin

James Michael Gray

Marco Bianchi

Joseph Emory Matz

Persephone Logan Moore

Angelica Grace Idelson and Gabriella Idelson

Alexander Nicolas Mara

Solana Heather Cowart

Charlotte Robb

Bennett James Robb

Simon Alexander Gillette

Daniel Talebian

Leila Alia Davis

Lev Ryan Snyderman

Dmitry Matthew Moskowitz

Fiona Ruth Silk

Olivia Lucia Chidester Barreda

Delaney Jean Naughton

Mikaela Gomez

Joanna Rose Jacobson

Ariana Bianchi