Any time is the right time to attend the Miscarriage, Infant Death, and Stillbirth (MIS) Support group.

error_outline We are pleased to offer an online version of our support group this month.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is pausing many aspects of life, some things unfortunately go on: every day, more parents experience a stillbirth, miscarriage, or infant loss. And for many of us, the grief we are already experience continues. What is already an isolating experience is exacerbated by social distancing.

In an effort to continue our mission of offering information, support, and comfort, this month we plan to do a trial online version of what is typically our in-person support group. The meeting link will only be provided after formal registration.

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We're enthusiastic, but not exactly tech whizzes--this will be a trial run, and we expect there will be a number of kinks to work out. So if you're game to take part in this experimental effort, we would love to have you! Worried about technology or unfamiliar with online meetings? Don't worry--when you sign up, we'll walk you through what you need to know; and log in a few minutes early so that we can help you work out any kinks. The software is free.

About MIS Share

MIS Share (Miscarriage, Infant loss, and Stillbirth) is a parent-led support network founded in 1981 to offer information, support, and comfort to grieving parents who have experienced the death of their baby during pregnancy, or after birth.

We have a monthly support-group meeting in Falls Church, VA that offers a compassionate, comforting, and safe environment in which parents are free to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences with other parents who truly understand. From this mutual experience, at times, lifelong friendships are formed.

Any time is the right time to contact MIS—whether you just experienced a loss last week, 20 years ago, or are a loved one supporting a parent struggling with their loss.

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A new test could give us answers behind why a miscarriage occurs.

This is a story that aired on NBC today that we want to share, because it was encouraging news for all who have experienced a miscarriage without an explanation.

Read the story here

Or watch the video from the NBC today show here

One of our MIS parents was recently published in Still Standing Magazine

She shares her rebalanced perspective in the article titled: "To The Loss Parents Who Only Survived This Year"

If you haven't visited Still Standing before, then take a few minutes and check it out. It's a good resource.

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